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"Well that's that..." It's something Nathan Haas (x-teammate) would always say after something

surprising happened. Todays TT was definitely upon reflection the opposite of that. So Where to start.

So to jump back a couple of weeks. Exactly almost 8 weeks ago the most incredible thing happened.

We were blessed with the birth of our daughter Mari Elizabeth Smit. It's one of the most intense things

you can ever experience as woman or man and it definitely changes your perspective on life. I won't lie.

I can't imagine how hard it must have been for Mande all alone in Europe without friends and Family during

pregnancy and post. I mostly live out of a bag. I come and go and the worst part is I don't even know if my

daughter will recognize me when I see her again. After Nationals I probably head directly to my first European race of

the season so I probably won't be home for quite some time.

These topics that hardly comes up between us. You would think being married these elephants in the room gets

addressed but they don't always do. She never admits it but I don't always know how she copes with the loneliness.

Life has just been crazy the last couple of month. We bought shares in Grupetta Café in Andorra so a lot of our time

has gone into that. We also organized the the Smurfy Granfondo which was a huge success. We managed to turn a profit in

which all of those funds goes to development. And we are proud to say with the excess funds we manage to support one of

South Africa's best upcoming youngsters Cullum Ormiston. A massive thanks to my partners HB Kruger, Morne van Heerden , Jac Louis

van Wyk , Francois Theron & Cycle Nation. Without you guys it would definitely not have been a success.