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"I grew up with my mom until the age of 11-12years. Long story short she was an alcoholic. We never had money to pay rent. As I was playing around the house, as a child you soon loose track where your mom is. I would here a knock on the door. It was the tenant. He was looking for my mom. Anyway long story short she was hiding in the closet from him but soon passed out in the closet as she was drunk as usual. She would move from job to job on a regular basis but we all know where that money went. I never went to school. Only on Fridays to collect my pocket money (R15) my Gran left at the Principles offices as hope that I would go to school on a more regular basis. To skip a long story child services broke down our home door and put me in the custody of my Gran Parents eventually for a second time. I only had black friends as most moms wouldn't allow me to play with their sons. Quite frankly it didn't bother me at all. All they wanted to do the whole day anyway was play video games" - Check out my blogs for More Info

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