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My Background

Willie Smit

About Me:

I am a highly experienced professional cyclist with a passion for coaching and helping riders achieve their cycling goals. With over 10 years of racing experience at the highest level, I have honed my skills as a cyclist and developed a deep understanding of the physical, mental, and tactical aspects of the sport.

Professional Achievements:

  • Proven track record as a successful professional cyclist, competing in top-tier races including the Vuelta a España, Tour of Swiss, Il Lombardia, Amstel Gold, Vuelta Catalunya, Pais Vasco and the World Championshsips.

  • African Continental Champion and multiple National Champion podiums Road and ITT.

  • Represented my country in international competitions, earning accolades for my skills and dedication to the sport.

  • Experience racing for WorldTour and ProContinental teams, gaining valuable insight into the professional cycling industry.

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My thoughts:

As a coach, I believe in a holistic approach to training that encompasses not only physical preparation, but also mental toughness, strategic planning, and proper nutrition. I am committed to helping my athletes become the best version of themselves and achieve their cycling goals, whether it's winning races, improving performance, or simply enjoying the sport to the fullest.

Services Offered:

  • Customized training plans tailored to individual needs, goals, and skill levels.

  • Personalized coaching sessions focusing on technique, tactics, and race preparation.

  • Guidance on nutrition, recovery, and injury prevention to optimize performance.

  • Mentoring on mental strength, motivation, and goal setting to build a winning mindset.

  • Assistance with race planning, strategy, and analysis for competitive cyclists.

Why Choose Me:

  • Proven track record as a successful professional cyclist, with firsthand experience of what it takes to succeed at the highest level of the sport.

  • Extensive knowledge of training methodologies, racing strategies, and the latest advancements in sports science.

  • Passionate and dedicated approach to coaching, with a strong commitment to helping athletes reach their full potential.

  • Ability to connect with athletes on a personal level, providing motivation, support, and guidance throughout their cycling journey.

  • Results-driven approach, focused on achieving tangible outcomes and measurable progress.

If you're looking to take your cycling performance to the next level, I am here to help. Contact me today to discuss how I can support you in achieving your cycling goals and becoming a better cyclist under my guidance.

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