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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

What was the Smurfy500 all about?

Here goes. We started this project with the idea of raising as much funds as possible with the following in mind :

- Raising funds for younger riders that are based locally in South Africa

- Once these riders are selected through certain provinces or the CSA Federation for African Continental Championships/ worlds we would then like to cover their costs for example: Flights, accommodation, food and general expenses relating to travel costs.

- Support identified riders based in South Africa that is performing well but are not earning a salary per say.

On that note I would just like to congratulate the following riders on winning in their division :

- Alexander Worsdale - 250km dash for cash

- Juanita de Waal - 250km dash for cash

- Callum Ormiston - 500km

- Tegan Philips - Fastest woman over 408km

Conditions did not make it easy for the riders on route. The wind and heat played a big factor on the day. Not making it easy for riders trying to finish 250km that have previously never even ridden 200km. Challenging yourself mentally and physically brings out things in us we never knew we were capable of and these people are the real heroes of the day. We are extremely proud of you all. Not only for being able to finish, but for supporting this cause.

On this Note we would like to make the following announcement:

One of the riders The SMURFY500 event will support is Young Callum Ormiston.

We believe in his abilities and will support him with a Monthly Talent Excellence Grant to help his development in his career going forward.

The other avenues that we will try support will be announced in due time.

Finally we would also like to say a massive thanks to our main Sponsors:

- Cycle Nation

- Pro Admin

- Garmin South Africa

- Ciovita


More news regarding the Event will follow shortly.

All the best


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1 Comment

Calvin Tshaka
Calvin Tshaka
Dec 18, 2020

Well done Willie and the team that made the event possible and success. Great initiative 👍🏽

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